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Love TV? TV women have brought us great lessons in leadership, achievement and diligence. It’s time their stories are told and in many cases, placed in the proper context of the women’s movement, social change and political trends. Representation of women on TV – whether it’s in the news, programming schedule or sports – is a fraction of the amount of screen time men get. Yet every generation of women is profoundly impacted by what they see. It’s more than the memory of watching it, it’s the confidence that if a girl or woman sees another doing it, she is more likely to believe in herself.

Advanced TV Herstory connects the dots of TV and feminism with American politics and culture. Within each episode, we zero in on the life lessons discovered through research and analysis. Shows from every era and genre, and the women who made them, get their place in the spotlight. 

Hosted and produced by Cynthia Bemis Abrams

Aug 9, 2019

This 4 episode series examines anti-communism/McCarthy-ism blacklisting 's impact on the careers of women who likely would have changed the look, depth and sound of TV.

Cynthia and author/scholar, Dr. Charlene Regester of Univ. of North Carolina have a frank conversation about how racism, stereotyped roles and Jim Crow laws delayed TV's depiction of African American life by more than a decade. This adds to the story of a previous podcast episode about TV's Single Women and how even in the 1980s, a TV series cast a black woman as a household domestic.

Charlene Regester (2010) African American Actresses: The Struggle for Visibility 1900-1960
Regester on North Caroline PBS discussing her book
Carol Stabile (2018) The Broadcast 41: Women and the Anti-Communist Blacklist
James Gavin (2010) Stormy Weather, The Life of Lena Horne
Advanced TV Herstory TV's Single Woman Caregivers & Gimme a Break
YouTube The Beulah Show (feat. Ethel Waters)

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