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Love TV? TV women have brought us great lessons in leadership, achievement and diligence. It’s time their stories are told and in many cases, placed in the proper context of the women’s movement, social change and political trends. Representation of women on TV – whether it’s in the news, programming schedule or sports – is a fraction of the amount of screen time men get. Yet every generation of women is profoundly impacted by what they see. It’s more than the memory of watching it, it’s the confidence that if a girl or woman sees another doing it, she is more likely to believe in herself.

Advanced TV Herstory connects the dots of TV and feminism with American politics and culture. Within each episode, we zero in on the life lessons discovered through research and analysis. Shows from every era and genre, and the women who made them, get their place in the spotlight. 

Hosted and produced by Cynthia Bemis Abrams

Mar 22, 2018

Depending on your hours spent on TV, you may remember characters who came across as searching for or wishy-washy about life goals. We follow up with Jeanine Furino, author of (link below) All the Single Girls and conclude this very realistic role is more prevalent today.

Mar 8, 2018

Fascinating conversations took place at Barnard College's (NYC) Athena Film Festival last month about women, representation & the power of inclusion at all roles of storytelling. Plus how we can change today's norm. Themes and storytelling at film festivals are universal, so their application and intersection with TV is...