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Thousands of comedies, dramas & news shows have aired, yet the presence of strong women – both in front of and behind the camera - is often a story untold. Advanced TV Herstory believes it’s all worth telling and re-telling.

Sometimes shows offer great leadership lessons or are so timeless in their writing that people say the series has aged very well. We’ll revisit moments in TV where women broke records, exceeded expectations or put their careers on the line. Advanced TV Herstory connects the treasures & moments of the past and places it into context of American life, for women, today.

Tomorrow’s success is rooted in understanding what has come before us. Knowledge is power. So gear up for a little storytelling and fun, sociology, fashion, economics or strategy. It’s all here in Advanced TV Herstory.

Hosted and produced by Cynthia Bemis Abrams

Mar 20, 2017

This installment of Advanced TV Herstory takes a long look at the events that led up to Ann Curry being forced from her role as co-host of The Today Show in 2012, and more importantly, how she said her farewell. Within that context, we’re going to rewind the tape 23 years to when Jane Pauley was forced from her role...

Jan 5, 2016

As a veteran of Hollywood's film industry, Lucille Ball and  husband Desi Arnaz, a Cuban-born musician, leveraged all their drive, creativity, business acumen and occasionally life savings, to set high standards and create processes for the budding television industry. Without Lucy and Desi and their company...

Oct 25, 2015

This podcast picks up where we left off from one posted earlier this year. TNT's The Closer is one of the most popular shows to ever originate on cable. It stars Kyra Sedgwick, whose portrayal of Deputy Chief Johnson is reviewed extensively in our first podcast The Closer Pt 1 Seasons 1-4.

Now we examine the last three...

Jul 15, 2015

Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (LAPD) is a rare female character, in that the series begins with her assuming a leadership role, brought in to change the culture of a male-dominated work environment. This episode uses established principles of leadership to assess Brenda's evolution into a respected leader of a...

Jul 6, 2015

This smart workplace comedy only last two seasons. In this installment, we look closely at how three main characters bring mentor/mentee relationships to life and how two smart women sort through trust, work/life balance and competitive issues in this fast-paced news room.