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Thousands of comedies, dramas & news shows have aired, yet the presence of strong women – both in front of and behind the camera - is often a story untold. Advanced TV Herstory believes it’s all worth telling and re-telling.

Sometimes shows offer great leadership lessons or are so timeless in their writing that people say the series has aged very well. We’ll revisit moments in TV where women broke records, exceeded expectations or put their careers on the line. Advanced TV Herstory connects the treasures & moments of the past and places it into context of American life, for women, today.

Tomorrow’s success is rooted in understanding what has come before us. Knowledge is power. So gear up for a little storytelling and fun, sociology, fashion, economics or strategy. It’s all here in Advanced TV Herstory.

Hosted and produced by Cynthia Bemis Abrams

Dec 14, 2016

Like a technicolor time capsule, the sweetheart show of syndication Bewitched, starring Elizabeth Montgomery produced a holiday episode in 1970 that tells a story not so much of Christmas, but of the idea that in America, children don’t see division in differences.

In 1969, according to the wisdom of Wikipedia, a young teacher at an almost all- African American high school in Los Angeles, took action to learn more about her 9th grade students’ reading and comprehension. The teacher contacted all three shows in an attempt to illustrate how she was using their shows to increase comprehension, an important fact given a bit less half of them, according to Wikipedia, read at a 3rd grade level. Only Elizabeth Montgomery and William Asher replied to her letter.

By December 1970, these students' words and message of peace were delivered to millions of American living rooms.